Tournament Rules

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  1. Tournaments are stroke play, best ball, 2 person team event using handicaps. The lowest score on each hole minus handicap between the 2 players on the team will be the team's score for that hole.
  2. For purposes of scoring write down each players total score on each hole, we will apply the handicaps when we process the score cards.
  3. All players shall play out each hole until a score of double par (10 on a par 5, 8 on a par 4 and 6 on a par 3) is reached, at that point the player will pick up and record the double par score.
  4. Balls hit out of bounds or into desert or other unplayable areas may be dropped in the fairway at the point of entry into the hazard/OB area with 1 stroke penalty.
  5. All putts "inside the leather" will be considered good (in the hole on the next stroke) and can be picked up. For purposes of definition "inside the leather" is the distance from the bottom of the putter face to the bottom of the grip. For people with unconventional putters this distance shall be considered 24".
  6. This is a tournament and as such the ball shall be played as it lies, preferred lies are not allowed. If your ball ends up in a divot or a footprint in a bunker we are sorry but they must be played as they lie.
  7. All men with a 22 Handicap and higher may use the ____ tee box (typically 1 forward of the box used by the balance of the men players).
  8. Women will tee off from the Ladies tee box.
  9. There will be 3 flights with prizes awarded to the top 3 teams in each flight.
  10. Results will be posted on the score board.
  11. Player handicaps will be adjusted for the course index based on the tee box being used.